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Driving Success through Mindset & Morning Sales Meetings – Episode 7 Season 6

October 19, 2022

Need help motivating your team but have no clue where to start? Buckle up because this episode is your seat inside one of Luke’s famous morning sales meetings. The sales team love them, visitors’ are amazed by them, and Luke will say they are one of the most important exercises in setting up the day for his sales team. Listen in as Luke takes you through his vision behind mindset and how he drives success...

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The Community in Cars. Community. Culture – Episode 6 Season 6

October 12, 2022

It’s time to talk about the ‘Community’ in Cars. Community. Culture. Just like your children, it’s impossible to choose your favourite but we would argue that this is the MOST important part of our whole operation. The community is the glue that holds it all together – without it, Aspley Mazda wouldn’t be Aspley Mazda. In today’s episode, Luke discusses what the community means to him and the part that Aspley Mazda and the local...

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What Makes A Great Leader – Episode 5 Season 6

October 5, 2022

Taking out Mazda Master Dealer year after year is not a task done alone. There’s plenty of strategy, preparation and attention to detail required to deliver such impressive results year on year. Luke, as the Dealer Principal is the one driving the ship, but when running such a large operation, you need a group of good leaders to help keep it all afloat. But what makes a great leader, you ask? In today’s episode, Luke...

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Deep Dive into our Dealership Marketing Approach – Episode 4 Season 6

September 28, 2022

When you’re a business selling the same product as another a few suburbs over, you need to do what you can to stand out. It’s safe to say that over the past few years’ Aspley Mazda has done exactly this. From purposeful cringeworthy TikTok dances and comedic skits to elevated lifestyle car showcases, Luke and the team sure know how to get people’s attention. Listen in as we take a deep dive into the thought...

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The Winning Playbook Pt 2 – Employing a Great Team – Episode 3 Season 6

September 21, 2022

In part one of The Winning Playbook Luke shared his insight into what he thinks makes for great dealership culture and it all comes down to the people you employ. You can lay all the foundations for a successful business but simple truth is – you are only as good as your team. Employing a great team isn’t as easy as it seems. In today’s episode, Luke shares his own tips and tricks on how...

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The Winning Playbook Pt 1 – Inside our Dealership Culture – Episode 2 Season 6

September 14, 2022

What does it take to be an award-winning dealership? In this two-part episode, Luke will touch on his formula for success, one of them being his dealership culture. Workplace ‘culture’ is more than a buzzword and something that Luke has worked hard at getting right over the years. If you’ve ever visited Aspley Mazda then you would have experienced the positive vibe and energy that floods through the dealership. In today’s episode, Luke shares his...

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The Story Behind our Tagline – Cars. Community. Culture. – Episode 1 Season 6

September 7, 2022

Welcome to Season six of the podcast! You may have heard Luke and the Aspley Mazda team bang on about their tagline Cars. Community. Culture. but what’s does it actually mean? This season Luke is delving into all things Cars. Community. Culture and kicking things off with the he story behind the well known catch cry. To follow along with the Car Man Conversation Journey, follow along with the links below: Car Man Conversation’s YouTube...

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Financing Do’s & Don’ts – Episode 7 Season 5

July 20, 2022

Get your pens ready, we’re checking off the DO’s and DON’Ts when it comes to financing your car. With so many opinions floating around on the wrong and right thing to do, it can become confusing on what the best thing to do for your situation! In this episode we simply things, with some key steps you can take next. To follow along with the Car Man Conversation Journey, follow along with the links below:...

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The Journey to The Voice with Chris Black – Episode 6 Season 5

July 13, 2022

We all know realty tv show The Voice, but have you met our newest ambassador Chris Black? Chris was one of the contestants on the most recent season of the show, and man can he sing! In this episode, we take a look back at Chris’s singing journey so far and dig up some dirt on what it’s really like on realty tv. To follow along with the Car Man Conversation Journey, follow along with...

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Financing Mythbusting – Episode 5 Season 5

July 6, 2022

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking dealership finance is a big no no… so much has changed in the automotive industry and as we have evolved, so too should the way people think about financing their car. In this episode, we’re separating fact from fiction by busting some of the most common myths about financing your car. To follow along with the Car Man Conversation Journey, follow along with the links below:...

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