Asking yourself “How much is a Mazda 3?” You’ve come to the right place!

May 31, 2022

If you’re looking to buy a car in Brisbane, you’re probably considering a lot of variables. Reliability, size, durability, quality, and let’s not forget one of the strongest factors of all – price. This is usually the most important variable when considering a new car, given that all of the other above considerations can tend to change in importance if the price is right. 

So if you’re now at the point where you’re specifically considering a few different models and asking yourself “how much is a Mazda 3?”, then let’s dive a bit deeper.

One major difference is obviously whether you’re looking for used or new cars in Brisbane. When it comes to used cars, we can tell you that you’re looking at around $17,000-$18,000 if you’re after a 2013 Sedan given that as of writing this (in May 2022) we currently have one onsite. However when it comes to a particular price for either new or used Mazda’s, there’s a lot that can actually change things.

Let’s make it clear so you don’t tune out now: If you would like a price list then you simply need to get in touch here and we will happily send you one. But there are good reasons to talk a little bit about what the differences are.

Are you after a G20, a G20E, G25, or an X20?

As we’ve outlined “How much is a Mazda 3” is really just the beginning of a slightly more complex set of questions you’ll need to ask yourself. All of our Mazda 3’s come as a hatch or sedan option as well as with auto or manual transmission. All of them also come with front wheel drive and will be either a 2.0 Litre or 2.5 Litre, but there are other differences to consider. 

For instance, would you like a widescreen display? Or how about an automatic car with paddle shift gear control? Perhaps you’d like a dual zone climate control with back vents for the kids? 

You should also consider if you’d like 16 inch or 18 inch alloy wheels. Perhaps you’d prefer them in black? If you’re a music fan then the G25 Astina comes with a premium Bose audio system for all of the audiophiles out there. It also boasts power sliding, a tilt glass sunroof and vision technology as standard features.

If you want to look at an X20 Astina then we’re talking about features such as a Skyactiv-X 2.0L SPCCI engine and a hybrid system on top of some of the features above. The G20E Evolve comes with a 10 way power adjustable driver’s seat, advanced keyless entry (as do some other models) as well as other things such as an exterior Drivers Side Auto Dimming Mirror with reverse tilt function and position memory.

If you’re still not really sure, then you’re beginning to understand why it’s best to have a conversation with us to get a really good idea of which model might be for you. Not just that, but a test drive really can make all the difference. We can explain these features to you, but some of them you really need to see in action to get a proper idea of why they might better meet your needs.

This is where Grand Prix Mazda Aspley comes in…

So, how much is a Mazda 3? Well that’s certainly a question that we can answer for you, either online or in person. The best way to get the context you’ll need is to come in and have a chat with us. After a few test drives and a chat with our friendly and highly experienced staff, you may well find that you want a different model altogether! Or you could find that you discover a whole wealth of new information that you’d never even considered before.

So if you’re looking to buy a car in Brisbane, it really does pay to have an expert at your disposal and when it comes to buying a car in Brisbane, we are absolutely among the best in the business, especially when it comes to the Mazda brand. So whether you’d like to contact us online, pick up the phone, or simply have us send you a price list, get in touch today and let’s help you find used or new cars in Brisbane!