Mazda CX-30 Design and Inspiration with Mazda’s Senior Product Manager!

February 24, 2020

In Japan, Ryotaro Morimoto is Mazda’s Senior Product Manager. Here in Australia, he’s involved in National Product Marketing and Product Planning. Long story short, he’s seen the CX-30 go from concept to reality as a new car for Brisbane and beyond.

Before our CX-30 launch event, we spoke with Ryo whose passion and knowledge for this new car left us awestruck. From its inspired design and Japanese influences, you’ll see how Ryo and his team achieved their goal of creating “the most beautiful SUV in the world.”

Human-Centric Design

Its smooth curves, stunning interior, and seamless driveability makes the new CX-30 a striking addition to the Next-Gen Mazda family. Not only is it a great-looking vehicle, it’s purposefully made to be driven with ease and comfort. Plus, its safety features are all part of the Mazda experience that drivers come to expect from us.

“Our philosophy for building cars is human-centric engineering. So, we design and engineer our cars so that our driver, and even the passengers, feel a natural feeling when they drive,” said Ryo. “That emotional feeling that you get from driving and not even just driving but also sound and what you see and what you experience [is what we’re all about].”

The CX-30 adheres to the Japanese philosophy of Jinba Ittai which means “horse and rider as one” that facilitates a truly integrated experience between car and driver.

Inspired by Japanese Art

In addition to Jinba Ittai, the CX-30 and the entire Next Generation range was created with the three elements of Japanese art in mind: sori, yohaku, and utsuroi.

“These elements are very difficult to explain in words. Sori means curve in Japanese, yohaku means empty space and the simplicity of empty space, and utsuroi means light and shadow,” Ryo explained. “So, those are the kinds of elements we put into, originally the Mazda 3, [and now the CX-30]. We have that focus on Japanese art.”

Best of Both Worlds

From conception to execution, it takes around three years to see a Mazda come to life and each new idea brings to light a new philosophy for the designers to expand upon. In a practical sense, however, Ryo added that the CX-30 is the best of both worlds.

“I would explain it as an SUV that focuses on city life [while ] at the same time, it gives you the emotional feeling to go adventure outside the city,” he said. “[We] hope to give you a new perspective on your daily life.”

Compact enough to easily get around the CBD but big enough to fit your whole crew for a hinterland weekend, it’s the perfect compromise and truly the best of both worlds.

Come see us at the Grand Prix Mazda Aspley dealership to test drive the brand new CX-30. Our Sales Consultants at the Brisbane Based Dealership are ready for any questions you may have. Give us a call today (07) 2102 6391 and explore everything our New Mazdas have to offer.

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