Quick-Smart Servicing

November 25, 2019

Life moves pretty fast, but so do we! This month at Grand Prix Mazda Aspley, we’re so excited to introduce our new Quick-Smart Servicing, to make getting your car serviced easier than ever. Why does getting your car serviced have to be such a headache? Being separated from your car for hours and hours can be really annoying. Filling in time, walking around a shopping centre, impatiently waiting for your vehicle to be ready. Plus, there’s the whole hassle of trying to find the time to have your Mazda serviced in the first place. With Christmas around the corner and so much happening, it can be tricky to find a day to get that all-important service completed. But what if there was an easier, quicker way?

We’re talking REALLY quick – with a turnaround time of just one hour for your car. No, it’s not too good to be true – it’s a real possibility! We’re taking the inconvenience out of getting your Mazda vehicle serviced at Grand Prix Mazda with our NEW Quick-Smart Servicing option for selected Mazda vehicles. Quick-Smart Mazda Servicing is a genuine Mazda service from factory trained Mazda technicians who will service your Mazda in lighting time. Available for selected Scheduled Mazda services, it’s designed to make life easy! Quick-Smart Servicing is available for 1,000km, 10,000km, 20,000km, 30,000km, and 50,000km Scheduled Mazda Book Services on selected Mazda models.

Once you’ve dropped your car off, you can sit back and relax inside our comfortable air-conditioned Customer lounge while you wait. Enjoy a complimentary barista made coffee and spend the hour taking it easy, or make use of our free Wi-Fi if you need to catch up on some work – just bring your tablet or laptop along with you! Your Mazda vehicle will be serviced and ready to go before you even have time to get that third episode started on Netflix.  The one-hour turnaround time is calculated from when you approve the maintenance work needed at our reception desk, until the delivery of the serviced vehicle back to you. Make sure you’re on time to avoid delays – with such tight schedules, we have to give priority to those customers who honour their booked appointment time!

Hassle-free car servicing sounds like a dream, but at Grand Prix Mazda Aspley, we’re making it a reality. No one really wants to spend a whole day waiting for their car, especially with the silly season fast approaching.  Come in to Grand Prix Mazda Aspley for your next service and see for yourself just how enjoyable the experience can be! Enjoy our famous friendly customer service, have a delicious coffee, and get back to doing all the stuff you really want to do before you know it. Give our dealership a call on (07) 3263 5333 and ask for a Quick-Smart Service when you book with our Service Centre.

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